Podcasting isn’t just true crime and comedy shows. Increasingly the medium is being used as a way for companies to reach other companies. That’s led to the launch of Casted, a business-to-business podcast platform. The Indianapolis company has already secured $2.35 million in seed funding.

“I founded this company, not because I love podcasts, but because I am passionate about authentic conversations,” CEO Lindsay Tjepkema said in a blog post. “Authentic conversations should be the cornerstone of any good marketing strategy. And given the excitement and support we’ve had in our seed round I know that we’re not alone in this opinion.”

Casted has raised funds from High Alpha Capital, Elevate Ventures, Tappan Hill Ventures, and several so-called “angel” investors. “Content marketing continues to evolve quickly with marketers launching branded podcasts to build more authentic and effective connection with customers,” said High Alpha managing partner Scott Dorsey in a statement.

Marketers use the Casted platform to host, organize, distribute, and measure the performance of their branded podcast shows and episodes. Casted’s list of customers already includes brands like Drift, Pendo, Terminus, and LogicGate.

“In recent years, we have all seen an explosion in podcasting. And with that, marketers have an incredible opportunity,” Tjepkema said. “Today, brands and audiences, alike, are embracing podcasting because they are uniquely founded on authentic conversations; they create a connection. That’s a win for both the brand and its audience.”

Casted will use the funding to grow its product, sales, and marketing teams. Casted will also continue to expand its platform and add new features.