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The podcasting platform Backtracks is adding sales and marketing attribution tools for podcast and audio advertising. The new offering allows advertisers, agencies, brands and publishers to easily determine the effectiveness of podcast and audio advertising campaigns and maximize their return on investment for audio ad spend.

“These tools ensure that brands truly understand where their ads are connecting with audiences and converting,” said CEO Jonathan Gill. “The analytics provide real-time, unified data to empower brands and publishers with the information needed to optimize advertising spend. Backtracks believes that ads that resonate with the audience based on content and quality, not personal targeting, deliver the best listener experience which is fundamental to Backtracks’ mission.” 

Backtracks says its sales and marketing attribution solutions will allow advertisers to gauge their return on ad spend for podcast and audio ads based on ad impressions, reach, conversions, revenue, and detailed campaign performance metrics. Brands that advertise through podcasts and audio will also be able to integrate Backtracks attribution solution within their sites, apps, or e-commerce platforms, enabling advertisers to tie ad listens of podcasts and audio to product purchases and conversions.

Backtracks has released a series of new features and technology updates in recent months. That included securing IAB Tech Lab certification for its analytics, advertising metrics and measurement services. It also announced a collaboration with Google Cloud to allow publishers and advertisers to view their podcast advertising and analytics data within Google Data Studio. In September, Backtracks announced it would put its artificial intelligence technology to use for a new feature that will alert publishers when new or back catalog content is surging in popularity outside of what is typically expected. It earlier added the ability for listeners to interact with podcast and audio content simply through head movement or head gestures and added capabilities for the deaf and hard of hearing, including screen readers, captions, transcripts, subtitles, audio descriptions, color customization, and keyboard only controls. 

Austin-based Backtracks says it continues to invest heavily in further development of existing and new product offerings and its infrastructure platform, to help podcasters and audio partners measure, monetize, and advertise in audio and podcasting.