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Barstool Sports has become of the biggest podcasters and the digital, sports-fueled lifestyle brand is on track to have $100 million in revenue in 2020. It now has nearly three dozen podcasts, including Pardon My Take and the sex-charged Call Her Daddy. According to Podtrac it had 9.2 million unique monthly podcast listeners in the U.S. last month. It also serves up plenty of video content on its website and app. The company is now moving further into video as it launches a streaming video platform that allows users to watch their favorite Barstool video content on Roku, FireTV and Android TV devices. Barstool separately released apps for Apple TV earlier this year. 

Users of those streaming video services will find apps on the platforms for Barstool Sports as well as its new sports gambling destination Barstool Bets. The company says the move deeper into web video will not only make Barstool Sports content available in more places, but also expose the brand to a wider audience.

"We have always had an audience with an insatiable appetite for long form video,” said Deirdre Lester, Chief Revenue Officer at Barstool Sports.” As we continue to invest in great content and high quality production, we're making our shows available in the living room and on the big screen for our fans.”

Barstool Sports, despite its name, sees itself as a lifestyle brand with sports only one component to its mix. In an interview with Digiday earlier this year, CEO Erika Nardini credited podcasting as being a “huge part” of why the company is growing so quickly. She also revealed that Barstool Sports gets “significantly more” of its revenue from podcasting than from its website. “Podcasting is a very big business for us. It’s a significant part of our revenue,” Nardini said.

As Barstool Sports moves further into video content, podcasts will also play another role. “Podcasting is the single best way that we grow IP—we grow brands through podcasts.” Nardini said.