Kirk Minihane 220

Kirk Minihane is already in hot water at his new podcast gig at Barstool Sports. The former WEEI-FM Boston morning host is being sued by Somerville, MA Mayor Joe Curtatone, who says Minhane called him pretending to be a Boston Globe reporter. The video of the interaction was posted on Barstool Sports, which is also named in the suit.

“Minihane recorded himself breaking the law, impersonating a Boston Globe reporter to obtain an interview with me, then Barstool posted the interview on its website,” Curtatone says of the lawsuit, according to WFXT-TV. “It's a clear violation of Massachusetts General Law, which forbids audio recording a person without his/her consent, and you can't obtain that consent through fraudulent means.”

According to the suit filed in Middlesex County Superior Court, Curtatone alleges Minihane tricked him into doing the interview. “I thought I was being interviewed by a Boston Globe columnist because the defendant identified himself as Kevin Cullen from the Boston Globe,” he said. The suit says Minihane broke the law by impersonating Cullen. The interview ran as part of Minihane’s first live-to-tape podcast on Barstool Sports.

The mayor has also called into question Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy’s “reputation for publishing crass content on Barstool” and that Portnoy has a “well-documented affinity for using demeaning and derogatory language when referring to women.” Curtatone said any damages he wins in the suit will be donated to a women’s shelter in Somerville. “Barstool flaunts its lack of respect for most things, but it needs to respect the laws that govern the business it conducts,” Curtatone said in a statement.

Portnoy is not fazed by the lawsuit. He called the mayor “a flat-out idiot and a moron,” the TV station reports. “I thought it was very funny and I’d probably do it again,” Portnoy said. “But there’s no damages because Kirk didn’t misrepresent anything else outside of who he was. He didn’t mispresent anything Joe Curtatone said.”

After a tumultuous breakup with WEEI-FM, Minhane announced—from the Entercom studios—that he was joining Barstool Sports. Minihane, who was bumped from WEEI-FM’s revamped Mut and Callahan morning show lineup in November 2018, was dismissed from Entercom on May 23 after he gave the company an ultimatum.