Podbean is offering some year-end data on how people are using its app and the data reveals when the most popular times are for when people are downloading or streaming shows. The top time is Wednesday evenings at 7pm ET it says, followed by Monday morning at 8am ET, Monday morning at 9am ET and then Tuesday at 9am ET.

“Overall, the most important time period for podcasts is Monday to Wednesday in the morning (Eastern time),” it says in a blog post, telling podcasters, “Consider this when scheduling episode releases, to make sure you take advantage of having fresh podcast content available during these prime listening times.



Podbean says an analysis of its listener data also shows that most users are “very loyal” to the podcasts they follow on the app. Among the top 100 podcasts, the average four-week retention rate in the Podbean app is 61% and the average seven-week retention rate is 55% indicating little drop-off as the show releases more episodes.



Like other apps, Podbean says it has been a big year for growth with the number of shows it hosts increasing 70% compared to a year ago. All those new shows and more people consuming podcasts have resulted in more downloads. Podbean says downloads on its platform grew 62% this year and the number of podcast plays in the app grew 110%. “The top podcast hosted on Podbean had over 50 million downloads in 2019,” it said—although it didn’t reveal which show that was.

The year-end statistics also show Apple’s share of downloads for Podbean podcasts remains the biggest, but the Apple share fell from 49% in 2018 to 39% in 2019 – a 20% decline. And Spotify has now grown to 18% of downloads for Podbean podcasters after starting the year at zero. Nevertheless, Podbean says Apple Podcasts’ absolute number of monthly downloads didn’t drop. In fact, it grew, with a growing number of people listening to podcasts through their Apple Watch as one reason. 

“All podcasts apps showed growth in downloads in 2019,” the company said. “Spotify joining the market didn’t reduce the number of downloads on other apps. It was part of the trend of an overall expansion in the podcast market. We see this is a healthy sign that the podcast market has a huge potential to grow. New major players, such as Spotify and Google, have helped the overall podcast market to grow faster. More downloads are coming from a variety of podcast apps, including those focused on cross-platform users.”