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Podcasting listeners are becoming more diverse and so too are the ranks of podcast creators. Two veteran African American entrepreneurs have just launched Breakbeat Media. Dave Mays, creator of The Source Magazine, and Kendrick Ashton, co-founder and co-CEO of the sports and entertainment brand The St. James, say Breakbeat is a multi-media podcast network built to serve the interests and perspectives of the global Hip-Hop community. Its shows will include scripted, non-fiction narrative, news and discussion content, covering a wide range of subjects.

“I’ve had a 40-year love affair with Hip-Hop, and over that time, it has grown into the most important cultural force in the world. Podcasting is a fast-growing and influential industry that provides Breakbeat with the opportunity to develop and showcase a collection of distinct voices, perspectives and stories from the Hip-Hop culture,” said Mays. “Our vision for Breakbeat is for it to comprehensively serve the global Hip-Hop community with the love, respect and authenticity it so richly deserves.”

The creators describe Breakbeat as a multi-media podcast network built to serve the interests and perspectives of the Hip-Hop audience. Not only will it create podcasts, but also related video content.

“The compelling stories, nuanced and sophisticated perspectives and inspiring history of Hip-Hop need a platform that unapologetically embraces the beauty, power and importance of the culture. Breakbeat, which will be at the front of the culture, will be that platform,” said Ashton.

Breakbeat is rolling out a roster of shows featuring emerging talent and veteran voices. It goes live with shows including Don’t Call Me White Girl, which features rising comedian known by the Don't Call Me White Girl moniker. 

There is also the podcast Culturati: Conversations with Kierna Mayo. She will take on topics geared to Gen Z and Gen X women of color ranging from the socio-political to the not-safe-for-work topics. Culturati will begin releasing biweekly shows on Oct. 5. 

Breakbeat will also release a weekly comedy show called The Wrap It Up Show hosted by comedian Funny Marco. He will leverage his 10 million social media fans to plug the podcast and companion video on which he will be interviewing and interacting with notables from the music and entertainment scene in Atlanta. The show debuts in October.

The programmatic audio ad selling platform DAX US has inked an exclusive partnership with Breakbeat Media, to be its exclusive advertising partner. The partnership will enable Breakbeat Media’s inventory to be packaged within DAX’s digital audio network. 

“With our ability to connect audiences and brands at scale we are able to support Dave Mays and Kendrick Ashton in their vision to create a platform of authentic voices to serve the global Hip-Hop community,” said CEO Les Hollander. DAX US already sells podcast ad inventory for companies including Action Park Media, Evergreen and Sounder.