“The secret’s out – your competitors are catching on and catching up. But even if your brand has never sponsored a podcast, it’s not too late.” That is one message to ad buyers in the third annual podcast buying guide created by AdLarge Media’s digital division Cabana. The latest edition tells advertisers there is “still plenty of room to play in this sandbox” and collects several data points and developments that may bring any buyer on the sidelines into the medium.

“The conversation has definitely shifted from why advertise on podcasts to how,” said Ilwira Marciszek, Vice President of Digital Sales and Partnerships for AdLarge and Cabana. “We’ve seen tremendous growth in podcast advertising, and brands want to get a better handle on how to use the medium more effectively to achieve their campaign goals.” 

Where previous editions focused on explaining ‘why' brands should utilize podcast advertising, the 2020 Podcast Buying Guide puts emphasis on ‘how’ brands can navigate the expansive podcast marketplace and use the myriad measurement and attribution tools to make the most of the medium’s high engagement factor. 

“Our goal with the Podcast Buying Guide has always been about informing the advertising and buying communities about best practices in podcast advertising,” added Donelle Brown, Vice President Marketing and Client Solutions for Cabana. “As the medium has grown and evolved, so has the Guide.”

Cabana’s 2020 Podcast Buying Guide V3.0 can be downloaded HERE.