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The cable television network Reelz is expanding its podcast investment. It will launch two new shows as part of an expanding partnership with PodcastOne. “Since launching our Murder Made Me Famous podcast last August, the response has exceeded expectations with an average of 2-3 million downloads per month so we’re seizing on that interest and moving up the launches for two more Reelz series podcasts,” said John deGarmo, SVP of Distribution for the network.

On Wednesday (Oct. 30) Reelz will launch the Autopsy: The Last Hours of... podcast. The show will explore controversial and mysterious deaths of celebrities and people whose untimely deaths were often surrounded by elements of shock, scandal and intense media attention. Hosted by renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter, the podcast will lean on crucial medical evidence from the actual autopsies while interviews with friends, family and experts shed light on the events that led to the celebrity’s death, aiming to put an end to the mystery. The first four shows will focus on the passing of actors Patrick Swayze, Chris Farley, Phil Hartman, and Lucille Ball.

On Nov. 21 Reelz will extend its television show brand Copycat Killers to a podcast. Similar to its TV version, the podcast will look behind the headlines of real-life grisly cases that copy or are inspired by memorable crimes seen in Hollywood movies, TV shows and in pop culture. No host has been announced, but the network says the first four shows will feature crimes that were based on The Sopranos, Reservoir Dogs, Natural Born Killers and Goodfellas.

“Both Autopsy: The Last Hours of… and Copycat Killers are about real celebrities and real stories that fascinate the public and we look forward to sharing those stories through podcasts,” said deGarmo.

Meanwhile Murder Made Me Famous continues to release new episodes. Hosted by People magazine crime reporter Steve Helling, the coming shows will examine a trio of notoriouis killers in its upcoming shows focused on Osama Bin Laden, so-called “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski, and drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. 

“We have developed an incredible partnership with Reelz, and the fan demand is real (pun intended). We can’t wait to bring this additional highly-produced content from the popular true-crime genre to even more people,” PodcastOne CEO Peter Morris said in the announcement.

Reelz is owned by Hubbard Media Group, which also holds a minority 30% stake in PodcastOne.