The CuriousCast Podcast Hour 220

Canadian broadcaster Corus is making a commitment to podcasts by giving its Curiouscast podcast network a regular timeslot on the radio. The Curiouscast Podcast Hour will air each weekend on eight news-talk stations and feature some of the best podcasters have to offer.

“For years our news talk radio stations have been editing audio from radio shows to create daily podcasts and now we’re taking original podcast content and showcasing it on radio,” said Larry Gifford, National Director of Talk Radio at Corus. “The Curiouscast Podcast Hour combines the artistry of captivating audio storytelling while helping listeners discover new podcasts that they can follow and explore other episodes on their own,” he said in the announcement.

The Curiouscast Podcast Hour will air either Saturday or Sunday on “Global News Radio 640” CFMJ Toronto, “Global News 980” CKNW Vancouver, “Global News Radio 770” CHQR Calgary, news-talk CHED Edmonton (630), “Global News Radio 680” CJOB Winnipeg, “Global News Radio 900” CHML Hamilton, and “Global News Radio 980” CFPL London. It will be hosted by Chris “Dunner” Duncombe, Director of Podcasting and Streaming at Corus.

“I have always been fascinated by stories and storytellers from journalists to some of the most creative minds in science fiction. They tell our history, reveal hidden truths, and take us on adventures we simply could have never imagined,” said Duncombe. “On this show, we’re going to bring you a different story every week from some of the best Curiouscast podcasts – with topics ranging from crime to world politics, and history to music, to hopefully turn you onto your next favorite new podcast.”

Corus launched the Curiouscast network in 2018 and it has produced award-winning series such as 13 Hours Inside the Nova Scotia Massacre and Crime Beat.