Voxnest’s podcast hosting and publishing arm Spreaker has added another tool for users of its Spreaker Enterprise system to help ad buyers fine tune their targeting or meet the demand of clients under pressure to avoid any content they may find too risky. It allows a media plan to pick which category of shows they want the commercials to be inserted. So that could mean travel shows make the cut, but with just a click, political podcasts are off the plan.

“If your brand or organization is looking for a way to manage programmatic ads for reasons related to company policies, brand safety or existing exclusivity deals, this feature is exactly what you’ve been searching for,” Spreaker says in the announcement. “For example, if you’ve already signed an advertising deal with BMW, who wants to be the only car ad on your show, you can easily exclude all other car buying/selling advertisements. Or, maybe your company is bipartisan and uninterested in taking a political stance; that’s no problem, because it’s easy to exclude all ads related to politics.”

Spreaker Enterprise designed for big content creators like iHeartRadio with thousands of podcasts to manage. When it was launched in January the company said it has been designed to meet the production, distribution and measurement needs of high-volume audio publishers with tools that allow for such things as trafficking a company’s own ads and giving the publisher greater control over publication timing, distribution points, social sharing, which episodes should include advertising and where those ads should be placed.

In a separate move targeting up-and-coming publishers and podcasters, Spreaker has also rolled out a new product it is calling Spreaker Prime. Dubbed as a “white glove service,” Spreaker Prime offers free show hosting and the ability to host multiple shows under a single account, dynamic ad insertion that’ll give the user 60% of the revenue cut, and marketing support from Spreaker’s team to help promote a show. The only catch is a show must have at least 5,000 downloads a month.