Chartable 220

Just weeks after Chartable said it was tracking more than 670,000 podcasts in the Apple Podcast directory, CEO Dave Zohrob took to social media on Thursday with a noteworthy update. “As of today, there are over 700,000 podcasts in the iTunes catalog,” he announced in a Twitter post. “If you're thinking of starting a show, there's never been a better time,” Zohrob added.

It was only a month ago that Chartable, the company that builds data and analytical tools for the podcast industry, released its previous update, noting at the time that an average of 575 podcasts were launched every day during 2018. “That's about one podcast every three minutes,” Zohrob said. More than 210,000 of those published their first episode last year. “So many people are creating podcasts for the same reason journalists and others are starting newsletters: podcasts are a great way to connect directly to an audience,” Zohrob said in a blog post.

The pace of podcast launches appears to be accelerating, according to some data points released during the past year. In April 2018 there were 525,000 shows in the Apple Podcast directory. By last June that number had climbed to 550,000. By December, the 600,000 show threshold had been crossed. Experts say the quickening pace doesn’t just reflect the growing U.S. podcast market but the expansion of the medium around the world with new shows debuting in a multitude of languages.