Another podcaster is finding his way to the TV screen. Comedian Humberto Guida, host of the Checkitow podcast, will see a video replay of his show as a television program. It joins LATV Networks, the cable channel targeting Latinx Millennials. LATV says Checkitow is a “podcast-first” series where Guida will continue with his current format of talking with big names in the Latino comedy and entertainment world. The TV version of the podcast is set to debut next week. It’s a return to LATV for Guida, who previously was part of the cast of the Millennial-targeted chat show “The Zoo.”

“LATV's agility to adapt to change is essential, allowing us to create content that is a true representation of our core audience, the Latinx Millennials,” said Andres Rincon, Vice President of Sales and Strategic Partnerships. “Our original content not only speaks to them but also creates high engagement.”

The cable networks have opened new opportunities for podcasts. Starting Oct. 11, the cable television network Fuse is grabbing the podcast The Read and turning it into a late-night show. The Kid Fury and Crissie West-hosted podcast won’t be simulcast on Fuse like Checkitow will be on LATV. But Fury and West will carry over several segments they feature on their podcast – like “Hot Tops” and “The Read” – into their television show, which the network describes as a “talk-variety” show that will feature celebrity and musical guests.