Talk radio host “Cigar Dave” Zeplowitz has announced he will end his syndicated weekend radio show and instead focus on producing a pair of daily podcasts beginning June 28. The Cigar Dave Show podcast will feature cigar connoisseur-related content, while the Bold Alpha podcast will feature Zeplowitz talking about a broader range of lifestyle topics of interest to his heavily male audience. “Technology has changed,” he said. “We want to be able to harness the technology.” 

Zeplowitz, 56, told listeners that as he approached the 25th anniversary of the radio show he has been thinking about the future of his show and how to address complaints his show wasn’t on five days a week. “After looking where I want to go, I have decided to transition to a more timely daily short to medium form, unrestricted podcast,” he said in an announcement during last weekend’s show. “Bold Alpha will deal with all the alpha male lifestyle activities that we enjoy – grilling, spirits, dames, gambling, travel – and we may even talk politics,” said Zeplowitz. With a Twitter feed that’s already full of conservative commentary, he said a political podcast may eventually get spun-off.

Zeplowitz said the podcasts are also going to be aligned to new e-commerce initiatives. “You will have the ability to get cigars and other products that I discuss,” he said.

The two-hour “Cigar Dave” radio show launched in 1995 with four affiliates and currently airs on 165 radio stations each Saturday (12-2pm ET). The show is based at iHeartMedia’s talk “Impact Radio 1250” WHNZ Tampa.