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Podcast listeners are a loyal bunch. As has been well-documented, they feel a connection with favorite on-demand programs and their hosts. New data from CivicScience now reveals just how deep that trust runs, with a dramatic factoid. Some 22% of U.S. podcast listeners say they have purchased a product or service after hearing a podcast ad.

CivicScience reported in January that, according to its research, about a quarter of the general population age 13+ now actively listens to a podcast; that number remains unchanged since the initial January study.

“No surprise that the most popular types of podcasts are also the ones whose listeners have made a purchase due to an ad,” CivicScience reports via its website. “It appears that special interest podcasts, whether true crime, as well as news and political podcasts, have the highest conversion of ads within them.”

The market intelligence solutions firm also found in its latest research that daily podcast listeners are more likely to be men, sports fans, follow food and cooking trends, people who eat out for lunch, and heavy social media users. And, to the point: “The more frequently someone listens to a podcast, the more likely they are to have made a purchase after hearing an ad.” These heavy listeners are also into original content in general; they are more likely to watch content from Netflix, HBO and the like.