what I wore220

It’s said that sensory experiences like smell, sound and taste can trigger memories, but what about clothes? For a lot of women the stories about the big events in their lives include what they were wearing in that moment. That’s the launch pad for a new conversation podcast co-produced by Glamour magazine and the iHeartPodcast Network 

“Each week I’m sitting down with a woman I find fascinating to talk about what she wore during a pivotal moment in her life,” said Glamour Digital Director Perrie Samotin, who will host the podcast called What I Wore When. “Learn how style has shaped the lives of these interesting women and how it has probably shaped yours, even more than you know,” Samotin said in a preview of the podcast.

One episode is with actress Bellamy Young, who plays Mellie Grant on the ABC-TV show “Scandal,” and discusses the Zara pants and Nordstrom pearls that she wore to audition for the show. Her outfit choice was very deliberate, and she even admits that the clothing she wore may have helped change the course of her career. In another episode, ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews talks about what she wore when she worked her first Stanley Cup playoff game in the early 2000s. Other guests on the podcast so far include actress Zoey Deutch and NBC-TV’s “Today” show anchor Sheinelle Jones.

On each episode What I Wore When’s conversation will move beyond fashion. For instance, Young and Samotin also discuss Young’s time on Broadway playing a prostitute in a little-known musical, and her past life emceeing child beauty pageants and holding temp jobs on Wall Street. “We are using the power of style to tell the stories you haven’t heard,” said Samotin.

New episodes of What I Wore When will be published Mondays.