CNN Audio found quick success with a coronavirus-focused podcast hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. The news of the day will again be the hook for its next podcast launch as anchor Don Lemon launches Silence is Not an Option, a series he says was born out of the protests that have been filling the streets across America.

Lemon said in an essay that the podcast “will be an ongoing discussion about how we oppose racism — in fact, how we become anti-racist — and move toward building that ‘more perfect union’ we were promised but that’s never really been available to all. Now is the time that history books will write about — and we are living in it.”

CNN says the show will offer “tough, honest and provocative” conversations with activists, artists and thinkers about the reality of being Black and Brown in America, offering perspective about our nation’s deep racial divide, while exploring what Americans can do to help find a path forward.

“Some of you are saying, ‘This podcast isn’t for me. I’m not racist. I voted for Obama. I don’t say the n-word. I’m nice to the black people at work. I have a black friend or even a black partner or spouse,” wrote Lemon. “But racism isn’t all about white hoods and burning crosses — it’s not the obvious racism that we already know is out there, it’s the next level that we’ve got to get to — our own unconscious, ingrained racism. In other words, it’s not enough to just be not racist — you must become proactively anti-racist. You have to fight against racism like you’re battling a cancer.”

The first episode of Silence is Not an Option features best-selling author and historian Dr. Ibram X. Kendi and Dr. Christopher Petrella, who is Director of Engagement at American University’s Antiracist Research and Policy Center, who also develops the curriculum for Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp.