Corona Espanol220

CNN’s Coronavirus: Fact Vs. Fiction hosted by CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta has been one of the big audience draws among podcasts focused on the global pandemic.  Now the news network’s sister ‘CNN en Español’ is launching a Spanish-language version of the podcast. It’s called Coronavirus: Realidad vs. Ficción and will be hosted by Dr. Elmer Huerta, public health specialist and CNN en Español contributor.

CNN said the goal of the show will be similar to its English-language sister — to offer daily updates about COVID-19 and allow Huerta to clarify all the questions the public may have and to explain the related medical concepts in a simple way. He’ll also share tips on how to stay healthy and safe.

Huerta is the director and founder of the Cancer Preventorium at the Cancer Center and professor of medicine at George Washington University in Washington. But he’s also no stranger to audio media.

Since 1994, the Peru-born Huerta has produced “The Community Clinic,” which airs daily on “Radio America 900” WCLM Washington. For 18 years, he also hosted nationally the weekly television program “Hablemos de Salud” on the MHZ Networks.

Courtney Coupe, Vice President of CNN Digital Productions, told Podcast News Daily last week that the podcast is a prime example of how CNN aims to utilize its audio team. “There clearly is a huge appetite for a wide variety of resources on the pandemic at the moment, and we’re making sure to deliver that information to our audience in ways that cater to the numerous ways they consume their news,” she said. “The most important objective for this podcast is to be a calm, informative resource during a time when there is a lot of fear and confusion.”

Coupe said that while TV and podcast mediums certainly have their differences, they can work hand-in-hand when it comes to disseminating information. “At the end of the day, we want to make sure that our audience has the information they need in as many formats as possible,” she said.