court tv220

The revived Court TV channel is launching a weekly podcast that will take listeners behind-the-scenes of the channel’s coverage of the day’s top trials. Hosted by network anchors Vinnie Politan and Seema Iyer, the podcast will discuss, analyze and debate the true-crime cases happening in courtrooms around the country. The Court TV Podcast has joined forces with Stitcher to produce the show. Both are part of The E.W. Scripps Company. The Court TV Podcast will launch tomorrow, Aug. 29.

“Seema and I, and all our colleagues, have very engaging, sometimes very spirited, off-camera conversations about how prosecutors and defense attorneys are navigating through the nation’s most fascinating trials. Our new Court TV podcast will allow listeners to be a part of this intriguing behind-the-scenes discussion,” said Politan. 

The first episodes will focus on high-profile cases, including the recent manslaughter trial Court TV covered, such as the Florida man who was found guilty of fatally killing someone over a handicapped parking spot; the case of former Dallas police officer indicted for a September 2018 murder when she entered the wrong apartment and thought there was an intruder in her home; and the approaching Harvey Weinstein rape trial.

In addition to Politan and Iyer, Court TV says each of the episodes will include other members of the Court TV on-air team and the country’s top attorneys, investigators and experts who will sit in to share their perspectives and insight. 

In May Scripps-owned Katz Networks relaunched Court TV, returning the iconic cable channel brand to the airwaves. It features a mix of gavel-to-gavel coverage and analysis that the channel that became famous for airing the O.J. Simpson trial is known for. In addition to its cable and satellite distribution, Court TV has secured over-the-air distribution agreements with major local TV station group owners, including Tribune, Scripps and Univision.