Patreon has hired Instagram executive Julian Gutman to become Chief Product Officer for the membership monetization platform used by many podcasters to monetize their content. Gutman will lead Patreon’s Product and Engineering teams. He most recently was Head of Product for the Home experience at Instagram.

“We're in the very early days of a cultural transformation driven by individual creators,” said Gutman. “There is a reimagining of how creators will be compensated for their craft, how they'll engage with their fans on a daily basis, and how this community of passionae fans will connect with each other. Patreon was ahead of the curve on this transformation and is the leader in this rapidly growing space and I can’t wait to start building with the team.”

Prior to working at Instagram, Gutman led teams at Facebook, Ticketmaster, and Google along with a mobile development studio, which he co-founded in 2011.

“Broadly, I believe we're at the start of one of the greatest periods of cultural flourishing in history, driven by individual creators,” said Gutman in a Patreon blog post. “We're in the very early days of how this is going to manifest. Patreon is fascinating because it's so multidimensional. It's about helping creators deliver unique content, engage with fans, build community, sell merchandise, and so much more. “

Patreon has more resources for which Gutman can tap into. The company raised another $90 million in funding in September. 

Since its launch in 2013, co-founder and CEO Jack Conte said Patreon has paid out $2 billion to creators of all types from their fans. “It took six years for creators to earn $1 billion through Patreon and just 15 months to earn their second $1 billion. Moving forward, creators from all over the world will be earning at least $1 billion a year on Patreon,” predicted Conte.