Crime Junkie

Ashley Flowers told Podcast News Daily in February that she and cohost Brit Prawat had already begun discussions to expand their Crime Junkie brand into new mediums and now it looks like those talks are moving forward. Flowers tells Deadline that her team is working on a new podcast that’s already sparked interest from television networks and documentary producers. The project focuses on an unsolved 40-year old murder in Indiana that Flowers says the state police are helping her dig into. “This is very experimental for the police,” she told Deadline. Flowers expects the resulting podcast to be a limited-run six-episode series.

“There’s been a lot of talk in the television world about how we could turn this show into a series, once it’s out and fingers crossed the police is happy,” she said. “Everyone starts drooling when I talk about this work I’m doing with the police. I’m making them nervous but everyone is interested in that because it’s the access that everyone’s looking for. I think there could be a beautiful relationship once I get to a place where the police want to do it.” Flowers has signed with the talent agency UTA to help market the project.

Deadline also reports Flowers is working on a TV series based on her work creating the Crime Junkie podcast. But unlike other shows, this one would be a fictional, scripted show that features a woman who uses podcasting to solve crimes. “We have talked to some networks about pitching it as a mini-series,” Flowers said.

Crime Junkie explores true crime stories culled from around the country, including new evidence on unsolved mysteries, unexpected twists on current investigations, and analysis of manhunts and captures. Unlike other true crime podcasts that employ twists and turns to engage listeners, Flowers and Prawat’s storytelling style is straight-forward which helps make the cases they explore easier for listeners to follow with a new story each Monday. Rolling Stone magazine picked Crime Junkie as one of the best true crime podcasts of 2018 and that brought the show a lot of notoriety, and downloads. Crime Junkie has amassed more than 18 million downloads so far this year.

Next month Crime Junkie will take their show on the road during a four-city tour in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. “When I started the podcast as a way to bring attention to the non-profit Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana, I never dreamed that it would become so big,” Flowers said last month. “We really have the most loyal fans who are constantly sharing our show with their friends and family and on social media. The show’s success is due to our listeners, and we will always be grateful to them.”