What a Day Hosts

Crooked Media, the progressive media company behind podcasts including Pod Save America and Keep It, is launching its first daily news podcast. What A Day will be published each weekday morning at 5am ET and feature a looser take on the day’s news. Hosted by comedian and author Akilah Hughes and political journalist Gideon Resnick, the show says its aim is to be not only relatable and funny, but also inspiring.

“With 2020 on the horizon and the broken dam of endless news every day, it only makes sense that Crooked Media provide a daily news podcast to help a broader audience become and stay informed,” said Hughes. “I honestly got tired of the news feeling like a bummer—like taking medicine that I know is good for me and democracy, but also tastes horrible and doesn't make me feel better. While Gideon and I can't guarantee there won't be difficult topics, our duty is to make our listeners lives a little easier by doing the heavy lifting for them.” She previously was a contributor for Crooked Media’s website.

What A Day debuts Monday, Oct. 28. The podcast shares a name withCrooked Media’s nightly newsletter that launched in 2017. Both will leverage the same news team to share resources and stories. Producers say the new show will break down the top stories of the day with big topics including politics, business, economics and pop culture in segments supported by news clips and occasional guest interviews. Each episode will run 15 to 20 minutes and will occasionally be supplemented with video on Crooked Media’s YouTube and social media channels.

The new show faces a growing number of daily news-focused podcasts, including the New York Times produced The Daily, NPR’s Up First, the Wall Street Journal’s What’s News podcasts, The Washington Post-produced Post Reports, iHeartRadio’s The Daily Dive and ABC Radio’s Start Here, among others.

Crooked Media is the company created two years ago by former Obama staffers Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor. They quickly got attraction with Pod Save America, the no holds barred conversation about politics. Since then it has added more than a dozen additional podcasts to its lineup.

“Empowering listeners to successfully engage in our democracy is our biggest challenge and mission as a company,” said Sarah Geismer, Crooked's Head of Development & Production. “In a time where our democracy is being hit from all sides, we want What A Day to be a daily boon for knowledge, conversation, and most importantly, action. As we’ve seen with our other podcast properties, audio has proven to be an incredibly useful tool to not only share stories, but to make people feel involved and that they’re not sitting on the sidelines.”