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The number of female podcasters still trails men but new statistics from Libsyn suggest the gap is closing. Rob Walch, Libsyn’s VP of Podcaster Relations, reports 40.2% of the shows launched on the company’s system during second quarter are hosted by women. That compares to 12.5% female hosts in an analysis he did in 2012 of the shows on Libsyn. “It’s good to see the numbers going up,” Walch said on a recent episode of The Feed podcast.

Walch also released Libysn’s latest analysis of where and how podcast listening is occurring. The data shows the United States remains where most of the world’s consumption takes place.Libsyn reports 65.2% of all downloads of shows on Libsyn servers during July went to U.S. consumers. That was up from 63.7% in June. Canada and the U.K. were in second with 5.2% apiece followed by Australia (3.6%), Sweden (2.3%), Germany (2.2%) and France (1.2%). The numbers don’t include Spotify listening. 

The vast majority of podcast downloads were on mobile devices. Libysn statistics show 84.9% of all downloads in July went directly to mobile devices. That was up from 84.1% a month earlier. Computer downloads fell to 14.9% versus 15.7% in June. And smart speaker and set-top boxes downloads represented just a small amount of downloads, holding steady at 0.2% during July, unchanged from May and June.

Among the other statistics shared by Libsyn: the ratio of iOS downloads to Android downloads came in at four-to-one. That figure shouldn’t be all that surprising. Among the aggregator apps it tracks, Walch said Apple Podcasts accounted for 59.1%. That put it back below the 60% threshold for the second time in the past three months. He said Spotify ranked second (11.6%) followed by Overcast (2.7%), CastBox (2.2%), Stitcher (1.8%), Google Podcasting (1.64%), Podcast Addict (1.62%), and Pocket Casts (1.2%).