Online Dating 220

What better time to look at online dating than when you’re knee-deep in it? Marketing and tech development agency, the NeverWhatIf Group, has launched a new podcast delving into the complex world of dating as it continues working on creating the company’s own dating app.

The Show: How To Build A Dating App promises to investigate the world of modern dating, what it takes to find someone in 2019, and the extraordinary nuances around dating apps.

The Hosts: The U.K. marketing and tech development agency NeverWhatIf (NWI) Group is the producer of the show and NWI’s Michael Hurcum, Kate Dalton, Richard Johnson and Laura Golden will host the podcast.

Why A Podcast? “When researching dating apps, we discovered so many frustrations with 21st century dating—as well as some major success stories. It seems that everyone either knows someone with an interesting dating app story, or has one of their own,” said Michael Hurcum, NWI marketing manager and producer of the podcast.

Episode One: The podcast’s first guest is John Kershaw, founder of the dating app Bristlr and social app creation platform M14 Industries. Another upcoming podcast guest is Hayley Quinn, Match dating coach and TED speaker. “We talked to the experts – not only to educate ourselves on the dating world and what it takes to actually build an app, but to share our findings with the public, many of whom will no doubt relate to some of the issues discussed on the show and find them interesting,” explained Hurcum.

The Launch: How To Build A Dating App launches June 3. NWI says there are 10 episodes in its first season. And the team is planning its second season.