Dave Ramsey has more than 3.5 million downloads of his podcasts each week. It’s part of his growing media empire. Now that expansion has actual room to grow as Ramsey Solutions has moved into a new six-story headquarters just outside Nashville. It features 600,000 square feet of office space and a 50,000 square-foot conference center plus more space for listeners of the podcast or his syndicated radio show who visit the program to do their “debt free scream.”

“We’re extremely excited for people to visit our new studio,” Brian Mayfield, Executive VP of Ramsey Media said in a release. “Every year, we welcome thousands of people to watch the show and do their debt free screams. Our new space is going to take that listener experience to a whole new level.”

In 17 years at its former location, more than 8,000 people did their “debt-free screams” either by phone or in-person, and listeners paid off $490 million dollars. “As I walked through our old building, I thought about all those families—those heroes who changed their behavior and learned how to win with money,” Ramsey said. “They’re the reason we do what we do. They’re the reason we exist.”

Ramsey’s self-syndicated radio show has bucked broadcast distribution trends for 27 years, and as a podcaster that model has powered him to a new on-demand audience. Ramsey’s financial advice talk show was the fifth most-downloaded podcast of 2018, according to Apple Podcasts. How’d they do it? We caught up with Mayfield earlier this year and he said they are currently averaging 220,000 downloads per day and 3.5 million downloads on a weekly basis.

“Podcasts have proven to be a very successful revenue stream for our show,” said Mayfield. Once this industry catches on that this is not a traditional advertising play—being subject to the “old agency rules” and realizing they can step out and make “new rules”—they will be able to grow beyond direct response advertising with its limitations and begin to command a much larger portion of the advertising market share.”

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