The Ramsey Show podcast 220

Financial advice radio talk show host Dave Ramsey has just joined an exclusive list among podcasters. “The Ramsey Show” podcast has just surpassed one billion downloads, a rare milestone reached by only a handful of podcasts in the world. The daily three-hour radio show produces a trio of one-hour podcasts each day.

“The Ramsey Show” becomes the fourth podcast to cross the one billion download mark. The iHeartRadio podcast “Stuff You Should Know” hit the number in January 2019, and in the two years since the list has also grown to include Spotify’s “The Joe Rogan Experience” and the New York Times’ “The Daily.”

Downloads is not the only number the Ramsey team is tracking. It calculates callers to the show have paid off $500 million dollars since the podcast began 15 years ago.

“We’re teachers at the core,” said Brian Mayfield, Executive VP of Ramsey Network. “And podcasts are an extremely useful medium, giving us another megaphone to reach people. We’ve never seen anything grow the way the podcast world has grown, so we see tremendous opportunity there to continue to increase our audience.”

Now in its 29th year, “The Ramsey Show” is the third largest nationally syndicated talk radio show, airing on more than 640 stations across the country. The podcast is consistently one of the most downloaded shows across all major platforms.