dolly party220

There aren’t a lot of details but word that Dolly Parton was working on a podcast with RadioLab host Jad Abumrad quickly ricocheted around the industry Thursday. Abumrad announced on social media that he and producer Shima Oliaee are working on a nine-episode podcast called Dolly Parton’s America for WNYC Studios. The show will be released this fall. In a boost for podcast exposure the news of a Parton podcast spread to publications ranging from Rolling Stone to the Capitol Hill newspaper The Hill.

“She’s been called the Great Unifier’ for her rare ability to bring people together across divides. What does Dolly Parton’s story tell us about America? I’ve been going back home to Nashville to figure it out,” Abumrad wrote in a Twitter post. He goes on to explain that the “Great Unifier” nickname came from writer Sarah Smarsh’s series on Parton in the journal No Depression.

Parton, 73, has proven to be adaptable to the digital age. Just this week the iconic country singer launched a new Amazon store featuring a variety of clothes and collectables.