Double Elvis

Double Elvis Productions, the podcast studio that specializes in music and true crime storytelling, has announced the expansion of their podcast lineup. The four music-centric audio series partnerships announced today include three established podcasts -- Washed Up Emo, Sounds and Vision, and Women in Hip Hop, as well as a brand new series called Curious Creatures.

“There is a direct parallel between the growth of any medium and the need for curation,” said Brady Sadler, co-founder of Double Elvis. “Starting Double Elvis with our own originals and select co-productions has allowed us to really get to know our audience, helping us to ensure that each new podcast will be relevant to our current fanbase, while allowing us to expand to new genres. It’s win-win for listeners as well, who now have a one-stop-shop for the most dynamic, music-driven stories across many genres.”

Curious Creatures is a brand new podcast where hosts Lol Tolhurst (co-founder of The Cure) and Budgie (Siouxsie and the Banshees)will explore post punk's enduring legacy and contemporary relevance. Tolhurst and Budgie welcome luminaries from all walks of life for revealing yet relaxed conversation and will have notable guests like Michael Dempsey, Mason Silva and others, on the podcast. The series debut episode will premiere on October 5. 

The other shows are well-established. The Washed Up Emo podcast was created in October 2011 by Tom Mullen, a staunch supporter of the full and long history of the emo music genre since he started his website back in 2007. The podcast explores everything from the history, cultural significance and impact that emo music as a whole has had on society. The podcast just released its 200th episode. 

Sounds and Vision is hosted by music industry veteran Andrew Loog Oldham, who began doing PR for Little Richard, Bob Dylan, and The Beatles before discovering, managing, and producing The Rolling Stones. The podcast is Andrew's latest creation where he chats with the remarkable men and women he's met along the way who continue to contribute to his remarkable life. Sounds and Vision’s newest season will begin on October 5th. 

Women in Hip Hop is hosted and created by Detroit's own Jazzie Belle, formerly of Eminem's Shade45 SiriusXM. The podcast tells the history of women in the genre through interviews from both the pioneers and the newest additions to the artform and will return with its new episodes on October 6. 

“The foundation of Double Elvis is made up of independent creators, and I know first-hand how difficult it is to go at it alone as an independent musician,” said Jake Brennan, co-founder of Double Elvis and creator of Disgraceland. “Our goal with this new slate of series is to provide support for other independent artists and exposure to like-minded listeners, while making sure creators still have complete control over their projects.”

Double Elvis released Here Comes the Break, a hip-hop and mental health podcast that fuses a fictional scripted narrative with real artist interviews and exclusive music releases from Def Jam artists, resulting in one of the first major hip-hop plus podcasting albums in history. The company has also recently released new seasons of their established hits DisgracelandBadlands27 Club, and About a Girl.