Edison 220

The latest survey from The Smart Audio Report, conducted by NPR and Edison Research after the December 2019 holidays, shows continued growth in the smart speaker market with 60 million people in the U.S. owning at least one smart speaker device. For context, that equals an impressive 24% of the population, up from 21% in December 2018, 18% in December 2017 and just 7% in January 2017. The new data was presented Wednesday during the 2019 VOICE Live event at CES in Las Vegas.

Not only are an increasing number of American households adopting smart speakers, but the research shows households that utilize the technology currently own 2.6 such devices, up from 2.3 per household at the same time last year and only 1.7 in 2017. Indeed the number of smart speakers in U.S. households has grown by 135% in two years, from 67 million in December 2017 to 119 million in December 2018 to 157 million in December 2019.

Tom Webster, Senior VP at Edison Research, said of these numbers in a release: “Smart speakers are remarkable in that once people become accustomed to voice assistants, they purchase multiple devices in order to surround themselves with the technology...On average, those who have one now have 2.6 devices in their home, which is sure to increase the amount of time they spend with audio content.”

The national study was conducted by telephone survey of 1,002 adults 18+ from Dec. 31, 2019 through Jan. 5, 2020 and suggests that voice-activated technology is becoming increasingly woven into the daily lives of Americans; the data shows that 54% of the U.S. population has used some type of voice-command technology, such as voice assistants on smartphones, smart speakers and other devices. Of those who use voice assistants, 24% say they use the technology on a daily basis.

“Today there are more ways than ever for audiences to engage with audio content,” says NPR CEO John Lansing in a release. “This latest report again shows the steady growth in smart speakers and the substantial use of voice activation across platforms. NPR sees these increases reflected in the continuing growth of listening to NPR radio streams and podcasts on smart speakers. We’re eager to see that growth continue.”

Download a copy of the full report HERE.