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Through a series of deals, partnerships and alliances, Evergreen Podcasts spent 2020 growing its catalog of shows to more than 65 podcasts. In an interview with the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, CEO Michael DeAloia said he expects to double that number in 2021 with a target of more than 120 series under its banner by year-end. 

“We’ve had significant growth plans,” DeAloia told the paper. “We’ve got to figure out how to become a power player in the podcasting arena.” Evergreen had more than four million episode downloads last year.

Last month Evergreen took an ownership in the daily news podcast Five Minute News. Evergreen said Five Minute News will become “the core show” in its strategy to build a global podcast news network. Evergreen has also said it is planning to develop a new gaming channel in 2021. That effort began last July when Game Fix, the podcast hosted by gamers and radio veterans Dave Spano and Verlane Snell, became Evergreen’s first gaming podcast. Evergreen has also signed a content distribution deal with Podcast Radio, the London-based company putting podcasts on the U.K. radio dial. The station began airing several Evergreen podcasts last summer.

The growth is being fueled by capital raised by Evergreen raised last spring when the Ohio-based radio production company Lake Effect Radio made a bet on podcasting’s growth. In the months since Evergreen doubled its podcast portfolio, with DeAloia expecting a similar growth curve the coming year.

“We are widely considered to be a key player in the podcast marketplace and really, part of the next generation of really influential networks,” DeAloia told the Plain-Dealer. “We’ve had some significant growth, but a lot of it has been in the last two years with Evergreen.”