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A shaving company executive once pitched in his TV ads that he liked the product so much he bought the company. That is apparently part of the business plan at Evergreen Podcasts, which has once again not only added content but also taken an ownership stake in the producer of the series.

The latest deal involves Ars Longa Media, a fast-growing podcast network focused on creative productions in medical education, psychology, mental health, and healthcare. Ars Longa's podcasts will be the core content on Evergreen's new medical and wellness podcast channel. Evergreen will also host, distribute the Ars Longa podcasts, support operational functions and craft marketing and audience-building programs.

"The Ars Longa partnership has been one of the great experiences for Evergreen," said Evergreen CEO Michael DeAloia in the announcement. "We cannot wait to work with Ars Longa to build one of the most provocative and profitable medical podcast networks globally." Terms of the deal or the size of Evergreen’s investment into Ars Longa were not released.

Evergreen last month took an ownership stake in the daily news podcast Five Minute News which the company said will become “the core show” in its strategy to build a global podcast news network.

Ars Longa Media, and its sister company InsideTheBoards, have already been building a case for medical-focused podcasts. Targeting medical students, Ars Longa's media garnered over a million podcast downloads last year.

"This strategic partnership leverages the core strengths of both companies and should accelerate growth," said Ted O'Connell, co-founder of Ars Longa Media.

Patrick C. Beeman, co-founder and CEO of Ars Longa Media said there is a lot of “underappreciated creativity” within the medical profession, which bridges the space between the humanities and science “My wish for our group is to help restore the 'art' of medicine within the culture of healthcare," he said.