Voters in 2020 will have no shortage of podcasts to select from, including a growing number hosted by well-known campaign operatives. David Plouffe, a former Obama campaign manager and White House senior advisor, is the latest to throw his hat into the podcasting ring. His new show Campaign HQ is being launched via Cadence13.

“There is a lot of punditry around any Presidential election. Some good, some bad,” said Plouffe. “What I hope to do is bring the practitioners to listeners, both those in the arena right now fighting in this campaign and those who have been in it and won recently, who can provide deep expertise and analysis.”

Campaign HQ is set to launch its weekly run Sept. 19 with an interview with Greg Schultz, the campaign manager for Democratic contender Joe Biden.

Plouffe joins another former Obama advisor in podcasting. David Alexrod hosts The Axe Files. And every week news organizations are launching their 2020-focused podcasts. Fox News Channel announced Monday that The Candidates with Bret Baier will return for a second season tied to the 2020 election. But Cadence 13 Chief Content Officer Chris Corcoran thinks Plouffe’s podcast will stand out in the crowd.

“Few people have had the proximity to presidential politics in leading and developing successful strategies to win the White House on the level of David Plouffe,” said Corcoran in the announcement. “We are honored to have his voice and expertise to shed light on the inner workings of the campaigns in the lead-up to one of the most important Presidential elections in history.”

The candidates themselves have also been willing to sit down and speak with podcasters, and not just on political shows. Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) was the guest on the first episode of The Ron Burgundy Podcast’s second season. Two months ago Podchaser released its tally of guest appearances and it calculated the Democratic candidates had made more than 1,200 appearances on podcasts through July 30.

The one pseudo-political podcast that has yet to launch is the one in the works by President Obama. His forthcoming Spotify show isn’t expected to directly address politics, however. The former President and First Lady will develop and produce shows on a wide array of topics, as well as lend their own voices to select podcasts.