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From eBay losing ground to Amazon and Blockbuster’s demise, the business podcast is preparing to lift-off on season eight. The Podglomerate-produced show will begin its next 13-week season Jan. 16 with a twist on the typical business show. Rather than focus on success stories, will examine brand mistakes and product failures in its new season.

The podcast, hosted by Michael Sacca and Mike Belsito, will tackle some of the best-known brands in season eight. Like Google’s effort to build a social network to take on Facebook with the launch of Google+. It never caught on and was shut down last year. And American Airlines, which relied on an automated message to handle the scores of phone calls that worried family members made to the company on Sept. 11, 2001. Other companies that are set to get the Rocketship treatment include Webvan, Intuit, and Audible. The show will also explore the broader psychology of failure. has attracted plenty of attention in the business press during its six-year existence. Thanks to features in publications like Entrepreneur, Forbes and HuffPost, the post has become popular among the startup community.