Another new podcast network is waving its welcome flag. Earios, launched Monday with 12 original shows in varying states of production, is a “female-centric podcast network” founded by former WME/UTA comedy agent Priyanka Mattoo—who also ran Electric Dynamite with Jack Black—and actors Maria Blasucci (HBO’s “Family Tree”) and Amanda Lund (“Fresh Off The Boat,” “New Girl”).

“We resolved to start the company after discovering that the vast majority of podcast networks are owned and run by men,” Mattoo says. “We knew that we had to carve out a space for ourselves and our fellow amazing women creators as we noticed podcasting becoming more like film and TV, so creating Earios scratches this itch.”

At the top of the company’s offerings is “The Margaret Cho,” where the comedienne interviews a celebrity each week, as well as a person she believes is the next big thing. Other shows include “Pleasure Studies,” a podcast from Feist; Spermcast, which chronicles comedian Molly Hawkey’s quest to find a sperm donor; and “Filling the Void,” hosted by Lesley Arfin, creator of Netflix series “Love,” who talks to her eclectic group of friends about the things they do for pure, simple joy.

Last year, according to Deadline, the company raised money through a Kickstarter campaign and secured funding to launch a dozen shows this year. It has also partnered with podcast company Acast to launch the slate, which includes three shows in July and new episodes every couple of weeks.

Mattoo notes, “It was important to us to find a partner like Acast who also believes in bringing female voices to the forefront. They’re as excited as we are – and they’ve been our greatest champions.”

The three ladies are interviewed in Vulture this week about the new venture. Asked why they decided to launch the podcast network, Blasucci says: “Amanda and I had a podcast idea for the podcast we do now called ‘The Big Ones,’ and no one wanted to take it on to their network. It got to the point where it felt like pitching a television show, and podcasts never seemed like that to us. So we thought, We’ve been told no so many times in our lives. Why don’t we just start a network of our own where we can be the ones making decisions?”