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Less really did amount to more for one U.K. newspaper publisher’s podcast effort. News UK, the British newspaper publisher that’s a subsidiary of U.S.-based News Corp, last year sliced the number of podcasts it produced in half. The result is that the 22 shows it still publishes—now have twice the collective downloads and triple the revenue.

Digiday reports that revenue have become “meaningful” for the publisher, which declined to offer any specific numbers. It would also only say that it has several million listening sessions each month, declining to release an exact number.

Jimmy Buckland, managing director of Wireless Studios which produces podcasts for News UK, told Digiday that by trimming the number of shows it was producing they were able to offer listeners higher quality, more distinctive content than when they were spread out across more podcasts. “Brands like talking to passionate people. In order to deliver meaningfully for advertisers, podcast brands individually need to get to a level of scale. It’s better to have 10 shows with 100,000 listens per episode rather than 40 shows with 10,000,” Buckland said.

While it downsized the shows in production last year, News UK is still launching new podcasts in 2019. Digiday notes it launched two this month: Giles Coren Has No Idea, which features a newspaper columnist determining what he’s going to write about. And The Pivot, Tales of Silicon Valley, hosted by The Times technology reporter Danny Forston. “Over the next 12 months we’re looking to integrate audio more fully into The Times and integrate audio products within the experience we offer subscribers,” Buckland told the website.