Voyage to the Stars220

While a lot of podcasts are being sized up as potential television or film projects, it’s not the only format making the cross-media leap. Voyage to the Stars, the fictional podcast about a group of misfits lost in space, will become the latest podcast to be adapted into a comic book. IDW Publishing says it plans to begin rolling out the comic series in August.

In the announcement — which came in a podcast special episode — the Voyage to the Stars team said they’ve teamed up with writer James Asmus to help translate the audio series on the page. He earlier worked on the Quantum & Woody and Gambit comic book series, as well as artist Connie Daidone and colorist Reggie Graham. “Even if you haven’t binged the podcast,” wrote Asmus on Twitter, “this is for any fan of space adventure, wildly flawed characters, human/alien horniness, ill-advised quests, panda people piloting giant mechs, and self-medicating with baked goods.”

The comic will pick up where the second season of the podcast left off. The show also plans to release several bonus episodes during the summer.

Voyage to the Stars launched in February 2019 and was created by Ryan Copple and MWM universe. “It has been such a wild ride experiencing Voyage to the Stars’ evolution and development into other mediums, such as comic books,” Copple told the Hollywood Reporter. “The world we built is meant to be experienced in many different ways, allowing fans everywhere to engage with these stories however they want. We can’t wait for people to check out the new stories within these comic books and continue to expand the Voyage to the Stars world in more ways they can enjoy.”