First & Ten

The podcast based on an all-female fantasy football league is making the real world leap to broadcast. Cumulus Media’s sports “Jox 94.5” WJOX-FM Birmingham, AL will now air the Jasmine Sadry and Amy Voss-hosted First & 10s podcast each Wednesday.

“Jasmine and Amy have a fresh approach to not only football, but so much more,” Program Director Ryan Haney said. “Their passion, preparation and creativity are in line with our roster on Jox and First & Ten's is a natural fit within our fall line-up”

WJOX-FM produces several podcasts of its own but First & 10s will become the first to get an on-air timeslot. Voss tells Podcast News Daily that’s a “huge” deal for her and Sadry. “Not many radio stations have taken to airing podcasts yet, especially female ones in sports, so we are excited about this and extremely grateful that Jox was willing to take a chance on us,” she said in an email.

Launched in October 2018, First & 10s describes itself as a podcast that blends “hot women, cold-blooded competition and the spiciest opinions” of football. It also has a dose of pop culture, fashion and music from the two longtime friends.

Voss credited Haney with thinking outside the box and trying something different for his radio station. “We’re honored that Ryan would take a chance on us, and we look forward to a great partnership,” she said. Sadry added that the radio station has been very supportive of their podcast concept.

The First & 10s podcast is published on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Voss said WJOX-FM will pick-up the Tuesday podcast and they’ll use the Wednesday radio show to promote the Thursday podcast.

Getting a timeslot on broadcast radio does mean one small adjustment. Voss said they’ll tone down the podcast’s spice for radio. “It is FCC compliant, in other words no cussing. That’s the only thing that really needed changing. We keep it right at 45 minutes to allow for their commercials and such for a one hour show,” she explained. And while the Thursday show will be full-on spice—and not FCC compliant—Voss said if the radio show goes well that could change. “We can obviously make both shows radio friendly,” she said.