spark conference220

While the world of podcasting and podcasting conferences, in general, are exploding, it is somewhat surprising that the Christian world—often one of the fastest to embrace a new medium—is seemingly playing catch-up to the power of collecting a large delegation to talk about all things podcasting. 

Into this space steps the Spark Christian Podcast Conference, coming to Houston, Feb. 21-22, 2020. Founder Misty Phillip says the goal is “to inspire, equip and educate Christians to spread their message of hope through podcasting to the world.”

The Spark conference is aware it may be one step behind in the podcasting arena, when it notes on the event’s homepage that “Christianity is one of the most popular and fastest-growing podcast categories—and happens to be the least represented at mainstream conferences. We want that to change.”

The conference lineup covers a wide range of topics, from beginner classes on starting a podcast, monetizing, growing your network, while even taking attendees outside of the conference for networking meetings at local restaurants.

Phillip currently hosts Christian podcast “By His Grace.” Meditation and parenting children with mental illness are recent topics. She is also author of “The Struggle is Real, But So is God,” described as “a six-week journey through the Bible to conquer the challenges in your life by activating God’s word”; and a public speaker, while serving as the Houston Connect Leader for Christian Women In Media. 

Among others speaking at Spark are Dave Jackson, author of the book, “More Podcast Money,” who has launched 30+ podcasts with more than 4 million downloads; Thomas Umstattd Jr., who hosts the “Novel Marketing Podcast” (about how to sell more books);  Quin Heavrin, a mother and blogger who hosts “The Renew You Podcast”; Eric Nevins, host and story curator of the “Halfway There” podcast, who has coached hundreds of podcasters and is the leader of the online Facebook Community Christian Podcasters Association; and Paul Hastings, an entrepreneur and host of "Compelled," a podcast that aims to spread Christ’s teachings from the Bible through the experiences of real people today.

For the next 24 days, Spark has a Kickstarter with a goal of $5,500 and some ambitious sponsor tiers of up to $4,999. Registration information is HERE.