wicked game podcast220

For history buffs, politicos and news hounds, Wondery has launched a new podcast about the history of American presidential elections from the beginning. Hosted by Lindsay Graham, “American Elections: Wicked Game” will take on every American presidential vote over the next 58 weeks before the 2020 election, from the unanimous election of George Washington in 1789 to Donald Trump in 2016. 

“Explore all 58 presidential elections to discover if there ever was a ‘good ole days’ or if presidential politics have always been played dirty,” the podcast’s description reads.

The first two episodes posted this week. First is “1789: The Alpha and the Omega,” discussing General George Washington’s calling to “save his country in its hour of need.” Second is “1792: Partisanship Rising,” as VP John Adams “gears up for a fight to keep the vice presidency.”

Host Graham is founder and CEO of Airship, a podcast and audio production company in Dallas. In addition to composing and recording music for radio and film, he has produced such original podcasts as political thriller “Terms,” in its second season, and “American History Tellers,” also from Wondery.