The Upside 220

Former Atlanta morning radio personality Jeff Dauler isn’t sitting back after losing his show in May when Entercom hot AC “Star 94.1” WSTR did a near clean-sweep of its lineup. Dauler and his wife, Callie, who is a talent assistant for the HLN morning team, launched a daily podcast they’re calling The Upside this week.

“This isn’t something that’s happening because I’m unemployed now and we’re going to give me an outlet to get my energy out and then hopefully make some money off of it. It’s more than that. It’s something that I wanted you to do, Callie, a year ago,” Dauler told listeners on the show’s first episode released this week. “Our goal is to create a podcast and a community of people that are all under the same umbrella. It’s not going to be motivational, preachy, and life coaching and all of that. It’s just going to be Callie and I hanging out and we’re going to be talking current events and stuff happening in our own lives but it all falls under this one umbrella and it’s going to be honest and it’s going to be inspiring.”

The Upside will release new episodes early each weekday morning to capitalize on Dauler’s longtime role as a morning commute companion. The shows run 25 to 30 minutes. The couple is recording the show in a studio built in their basement, he told listeners.

The show has quickly found an audience. The latest Apple Podcast chart ranks it No. 14 on the list of most listened-to podcasts in the U.S. But it has ranked as high as No. 6. “The launch of the podcast exceeded all expectations,” Jeff said on the third episode. Added Callie, “It’s insane and what’s really funny is I don’t believe the numbers.”

Dauler worked at “Star 94.1” starting in February 2016 after crossing over from his co-host role at CHR “Q-100”WWWQ Atlanta-based syndicated “The Bert Show” where he spent more than a decade.