Airplane Mode220

Just like fashion evolves, so too do media habits. And that’s led GQ magazine to launch its signature podcast series. Airplane Mode is a weekly series that will be hosted by GQ writer Clay Skipper. Like the magazine it’s born out of, the show will cover a wide range of topics and include interviews with business leaders, writers, fashion designers, comedians, pro athletes, and artists. 

“Each episode I'll be having conversations with deeply cool, creative, successful, thoughtful people who are reckoning with all the complications of being a human right now,” Skipper said in a note to readers. “We called the podcast Airplane Mode because that's the switch you flip when you want to step away from the noise and regain your sense of purpose. Our hope is that each of the ten episodes in the first season can recreate that time and space—even if you still decide to scroll through Instagram while you're listening.” Guests on the podcast’s first season include American rapper, A$AP Ferg, author Mark Manson, and director Bing Liu.

The Condé Nast publication has teamed up with the podcast hosting platform Megaphone to host Airplane Mode as well as handle advertising sales for the series. “We love how Megaphone's intuitive platform lets us focus our energy on making great podcasts,” said GQ digital director Jon Wilde. "It delivers the data and support that free us up to do what we do best.” 

GQ joins other Condé Nast brands, including Vanity Fair and Bon Appétit, which have already been working with Megaphone.

“We’re excited about working with GQ, a highly regarded publication and leading Condé Nast brand,” said Megaphone CEO Brendan Monaghan in the announcement. “We look forward to supporting the success of Airplane Mode and GQ’s growing business moving forward.”