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Not unlike how airlines have offered their passengers content, Surf Media aims to keep people in the backseat of Uber or Lyft cars entertained as well. It’s already operating in ten U.S. cities and it’s just inked a deal that will make the universe of iHeartRadio content available on its tablets. That includes both streaming radio and podcasts.

“We feel proud to partner with a leading global media and entertainment provider,” said Eli Chmouni, CEO and founder of Surf. “iHeartMedia and Surf’s partnership not only improves the rideshare experience for passengers across the country, but also establishes Surf as the top rideshare entertainment and media platform.”

Not only does it make passengers happy, but it offers advertisers a new way to reach rideshare users—including many of whom are tough to reach on traditional media outlets. Surf Media says its data shows 47% of Uber and Lyft passengers are aged 18-39 with two-thirds reporting an income of $75,000 or more.

Drivers like the model too. They get a free tablet, mounting kit, and high speed mobile data for their car and then share in the revenue. Surf Media says four out of five Uber and Lyft drivers say they earn better tips and higher ratings with Surf onboard. So far the company has rolled out to rideshare cars across Phoenix, Los Angeles, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Denver, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami and San Diego.

“iHeartRadio is the all-in-one app for all things audio and we are excited to partner with Surf Media to offer our broad array of content and programming to their users’ rideshare experience,” said Michele Laven, President of Strategic Partnerships Group for iHeartMedia. “Whether it’s listening to your favorite podcast or streaming your music or any radio station across the country, iHeartRadio provides listeners with a seamless, easy-to-use experience and we are always committed to making it available on every device and platform they expect it.”