Harvard business review220

The Harvard Business Review is signaling it has more podcast plans up its sleeve. The business and management-geared website has hired podcast veteran Anne Noyes Saini as a senior audio producer. TalkingBizNews reports she’ll be offering editorial guidance for new podcasts on the HBR Presents network and creating new HBR podcasts.

Saini was previously a producer for food podcast The Sporkful. She’s also the co-creator and host of the Mother podcast.

Harvard Business Review in April announced that after it tested an expansion into podcast curation last year with the show After Hours, it was launching a full-fledged network of podcasts vetted and approved by HBR’s editorial review team. The HBR Presents network will have at least ten podcasts in its lineup, including Cold Call, which translates Harvard Business School's case studies into podcasts, and FOMO Sapiens with Patrick McGinnis that talks to business leaders about how they choose from among the many opportunities in their busy lives. HBR will not only provide distribution, but also advertising sales and audience development support to shows that are part of its network. They’ve already lined up sponsors including American Express, First Republic Bank, Deloitte Digital, LinkedIn, and SAS.

HBR isn’t exactly new to podcasting. Its flagship HBR IdeaCast launched 13 years ago and, along with its Dear HBR and Women at Work podcasts, the magazine now regularly receives more than two million monthly downloads to the three podcasts it directly produces.