HBO Succession

Kara Swisher is adding hosting duties on another podcast. HBO has tapped Swisher to host the companion podcast to the television series “Succession.” In the network’s latest reach in the podcast space, Swisher will unpack real world events that echo the saga unfolding on screen. HBO says she will dive into family dynamics, capitalism run amok, and power unchecked with top journalists, writers, thinkers, psychologists, and cultural critics, as well as some of the people who made the show.

“It’s the ultimate drama about family and the ultimate commentary about wealth, the media and the one percent of the one percent,” Swisher said in the trailer, vowing not to host a show that just recaps each week’s episode. “What does ‘Succession’ say about family dynamics, capitalism run amok and the systems that truly rule our world?” she remarked. There will be a some of that, however “Each week, I’ll look at who’s up, who’s down and who made the episode’s biggest power play,” Swisher said.

Swisher already hosts the Sway podcast series for the New York Times and she co-hosts Vox Media’s Pivot podcast with Scott Galloway.

The third season of the Succession podcast is part of HBO Max’s continued investment in the podcasting space, and joins other new HBO Max podcasts including Batman: The Audio Adventures, Band of Brothers, and Trade Secrets.

The new season of “Succession” starts Sunday, Oct. 17.