Podly 220

Companion podcasts are becoming routine for HBO Max, which is once again teaming up with Rooster Teeth to produce an audio series. This time out the show is for the Max Original series “Peacemaker” based on characters from DC Comics. The podcast is called Podly, and it will recap each episode of the television series. A video version will also be created, which will be available on HBO Max and DC and HBO Max’s YouTube channels. The audio-only version will be widely distributed across all audio platforms. 

Podly is hosted by Fiona Nova (Achievement Hunter, G4TV) and Ify Nwadiwe (“Grand Crew,” ''Tigtone”) who will dig into what creators say is the “wild, badass, hilarious thrill ride of a show” that is “Peacemaker.” 

“I’m thrilled we get to explore this character and uncover his backstory for fans,” said Nwadiwe. “Fiona and I are going to have so much fun -- we’re both really excited to collaborate on this show.” 

On Podly, Nova and Nwadiwe will also sit down with the cast and creatives involved with the series.

“As a big fan of DC, I’m excited to dig into this show with Ify,” said Nova. “It’s awesome that Rooster Teeth continues to give its community a platform where we can discuss highly anticipated shows like ‘Peacemaker’.”

Podly will make its debut on Thursday (Jan. 13).

This is the third video podcast Rooster Teeth has produced for HBO Max. In 2021, Rooster Teeth produced The Touch Base, the official podcast for “The Nevers,” and un:LOCKED, the official gen:LOCK podcast. All of these podcasts feature Rooster Teeth talent as hosts and are distributed as video podcasts on HBO Max. 

Podly is a part of HBO Max’s continued investment in the podcasting space and joins other new HBO Max podcasts, including the And Just Like That…The Writers Roomthe Succession podcastBatman: The Audio AdventuresBand of Brothers Podcast, and Trade Secrets.

Rooster Teeth produces over a dozen podcasts from studios in Los Angeles and Austin. It also operates The Roost podcast network, which represents more than 280 million views and 10 million audio monthly downloads across its network.