The comedy podcast network HeadGum is expanding its reach into the medium with the launch of HeadGum Studios, a full-service podcast development and production division that will work with comic talent looking to launch a podcast. HeadGum Studios launches with a slate of seven new HeadGum Original shows.

HeadGum’s genesis was the success of the podcast If I Were You, which co-hosts Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld leveraged into the creation of their company five years ago. They built a collection of comedy shows and last year HeadGum says its podcast network averaged 10 million monthly listens.

“We are excited to launch our team’s latest endeavor,” said Blumenfeld in the announcement. “Since the formation of the network in 2015, Jake and I have gotten to work with some incredibly talented people who are way funnier than us. The opportunity to develop ideas for and amplify these voices is the driving force behind HeadGum Studios.”

HeadGum Studios launches with a slate of seven new podcasts, most of which are slated to debut by the end of the month. They include Newcomers: Star Wars, which features actresses Lauren Lapkus and Nicole Byer watching the Star Wars movies for the first time and offering their insights with super-fans of the film series.

“The idea for Newcomers started on Twitter,” said Byer. “Lauren and I have mentioned on other podcasts that we’ve never seen or cared about ‘Star Wars,’ so of course strangers started tweeting us to make a podcast about it. Now, because the people want it, we’re making it with the help of HeadGum Studios.”

Among the other new HeadGum Originals are:

  • Dead Eyes, a show hosted by comedian Connor Ratliff, who speaks with actors, comedians and folks who have impacted his life to try and uncover the mystery of his “dead eyes.”
  • I Don’t Want to Talk About Fight Club Anymore, hosted by Jacob Wysocki. It’s described as a “a torture and endurance podcast” that explores the spoiling of a human as he watches the movie “Fight Club” for 72 consecutive hours.
  • Inside Voices is called a “a fun and cozy chat show” in which host Kevin T. Porter invites the people behind your favorite podcasts to talk about how they built their shows and found their voices, examining the spaces between who we are, what we sound like, and what we have to say.
  • Review Revenue is a podcast hosted by actor Reilly Anspaugh and journalist Geoffrey James. In it, they pour through reviews online and give their takes on the zaniest, thought-provoking, bizarre comments.
  • The GOAT Show is hosted by comedian Jake Hurwitz and HeadGum sales rep Micah Hurwitz, who discuss, rate and review everything from water bottles to karaoke songs on their search for the greatest everything of all time.
  • Text Doctor is a show in which actor Rahul Kohli is joined by guests as he discusses and dissects texts, DMs, and Bumble messages.

With studios in Los Angeles and Brooklyn, HeadGum Studios also aims to collaborate with publishers to develop sponsored content. That effort got a big boost recently when the company partnered with Netflix on a campaign for its movie, “Always Be My Maybe.”