Top 10 375

With podcasting growing at a meteoric pace, it’s tough to keep track of who the movers, shakers, visionaries and innovators are. In that spirit, Podcast News Daily has compiled a list of the Top 10 Most Powerful People in Podcasting. It’s intended to recognize a few of the many individuals working to advance podcasting as a business and entertainment outlet.

Consumers might not recognize the names on the list, but anyone involved with or following podcasting should.

To compile the tally, we invited readers and our editors to nominate executives they believe warrant some time in the spotlight for their work advancing the podcast industry. Our editorial board made the final selections.

We received so many deserving nominations that we’ve expanded our final list. In addition to the much-anticipated Top 10 list of heavy hitters, we also compiled a tally of Podcasting Executives To Watch.

To access both lists, click HERE.