The Vox Media Podcast Network adds two shows to its portfolio this week. “Girls” star Lena Dunham launches The C-Word for Luminary. Plus, NPR looks at an Alabama town that told itself “White Lies” for five decades.

Here’ a rundown of several new podcasts announced this week:


  • The C-Word, the Luminary subscriber-only podcast hosted by Lena Dunham and Alissa Bennett, will explore the life and media coverage of women who have been deemed “crazy” by society. The producers say the C-Word podcast unpacks the lives of messy, fascinating women with empathy and humor. In a joint statement Dunham and Bennett said, “Luminary has given us a platform where we can discuss the stories that are cemented in our collective public consciousness, as well as stories that have been forgotten. We think that all of them will give our listeners a new perspective on what it means when we call a woman crazy.” The first episode will be released on Saturday, May 11.

  • Truth Be Told is a new podcast produced by San Francisco public radio station KQED and hosted by Tonya Mosley, the station’s Silicon Valley Bureau Chief. The six-part series made by and for people of color speaks to the unique yet universal challenges people of color face in the U.S. Through unfiltered advice, Mosley takes on audience questions, digging into what it means to not only survive, but to thrive, as a person of color in America. In search of answers to these questions and more, Mosley travels from San Francisco to Detroit to New York to meet with “Wise Ones,” unconventional experts whose wisdom stems from their lived experiences, studies and artistry. Truth Be Told debuts May 16.

  • White Lies is a new NPR-produced podcast. Hosts Andrew Beck Grace and Chip Brantley dig into the story of Rev. James Reeb. The Unitarian minister and civil-rights activist was killed in 1965 during the voting rights movement in Selma. After three men were tried and acquitted for his murder, the city's white community buried the truth. More than 50 years later, two native Alabamians hosting the podcast delve into the systems of oppression and violence that allowed it to happen. White Lies debuts May 14.

  • Nice Try! The new podcast from Vox Media’s home and design site Curbed delves into the perpetual search for utopian living. In the first season, host Avery Trufelman examines some of history’s most fascinating attempts to build more perfect communities, including the capital city for a newly democratic India, an integrated midcentury suburb outside Philadelphia, and a self-sustaining closed ecosystem in the Arizona desert. Nice Try will run seven episodes and debuts May 30. New episodes will be published Thursdays.

  • Plastic Surgery: Uncensored is a new podcast via ReVolver Podcasts. In the show, famed Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. Rady Rahban and radio/TV personality Monique Marvez navigate through the blurred ethics of our look-good-at-any-cost mindset spawned by social media’s concepts of beauty. In his trademark pull-no-punches authentic and direct style, Dr. Rahban breaks down subjects surrounding what’s right and what’s wrong with plastic surgery today.

  • Primetime is a new Vox Media Podcast Network show about the history of television and its impact on American culture. It is hosted by Vox’s Critic-at-Large Todd VanDerWerff. The first season of Primetime will focus on the relationship between the oval office and TV, from the Nixon-Kennedy debates to the Trump administration. “Since its inception, television has played a critical role in shaping American culture – influencing conversations in living rooms and at office water coolers, even decisions made inside the Oval Office,” said VanDerWerff. “Primetime shows us how the power of TV has both reflected and changed our collective culture for the better and worse.” New episodes will be published each Thursday through June 13.

  • Prostrate Pros is, as the title suggest, all about the prostrate. The podcast aims to educate men dealing with issues related to prostate cancer. The monthly podcast is hosted by prostate cancer specialist and author Dr. Mark Scholz. “With the continuously increasing amount of information and research, it is more important now than ever that patients educate themselves on the disease," Scholz says. Prostate Pros debuts June 3. Episodes are 20-30 minutes in length and will be released the first Monday of each month.

  • Future Hindsight returns for its sixth season. The podcast, hosted and executive produced by Mila Atmos, features interviews with activists, advocates and policy experts about civic engagement and the ways in which everyday citizens can shape our society. “Protest works in unexpected, larger ways, to change our conversations about what’s possible” Atmos said. Guests in this season include Dave Archambault II, former tribal chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux and Maria Urbina, National Political Director of Indivisible.