Let Lisa Help

The “Queen of Mean” gets nice for her new self-help podcast. Two new shows delve into the criminal justice system. A Texas trio analyzes offers their take on movies. And a show reveals what happens at the annual Freaknik celebration. Here’s a sampling of shows launching this week:

Let Lisa Help may be hosted by a comedian who has been called the “Queen of Mean” but Lisa Lampanelli retired from “insult comedy” after three decades on the road in 2018 and wants to start a new career as a life coach. She’ll do that in her new PodcastOne show. The weekly show will feature a guest co-host. “I love having a platform in which I can just be myself, use my life-coaching skills, and help people whether they like it or not,” says Lampanelli. “And the fact that my guest co-hosts, no matter what their level of fame, come in with their issues and we dig in in a very real way excites the hell outta me.”

Sworn is a new Luminary Original podcast from Tenderfoot TV. Hosted by Philip Holloway, a defense attorney and former prosecutor with a background in law enforcement, the show looks at the current state of the criminal justice system. That includes digging into major cases but also the emotional consequences of their outcomes. In the season premier, Holloway investigates the problems with eyewitness testimony and the case of one innocent man who was put away because of faulty memory.

Ear Hustle debuts its fourth season with look at stories that take listeners inside of daily life inside San Quentin State Prison. New this season, Ear Hustle will also bring listeners stories of life outside prison and reentry into society. Also new this season, Rahsaan “New York” Thomas—who has been incarcerated at San Quentin for more than five years--joins Ear Hustle as a co-host, alongside former inmate Earlonne Woods and show co-creator Nigel Poor.“This season, we expanded the team and are pushing ourselves to tell stories that won’t always have tidy endings,” said Poor. “Some of the episodes will ask listeners to dig deep and contemplate challenging topics. As always, our mandate is to pass the mic to those not often asked to speak.”

There Are Too Many Movies is a new comedy podcast hosted by Chris Collins, Josh Rodriguez, and Alex Wilshin. In the show, the Texas trio analyzes movie plots and serves up movie factoids. “There are too many movies. There are also too many podcasts. That being said, we made a podcast about movies,” they said in the show’s announcement. New shows will be published weekly.

Freaknik: A Discourse on a Paradise Lost is a new podcast from Mass Appeal and Endeavor Audio. Its focus is the annual Freaknik celebration that happens each spring break at a number of African American Colleges in Atlanta. Documentary filmmaker Christopher Frierson hosts the series. He looks at the event through the eyes of the artists, students, journalists, business owners, and politicians that experienced the phenomenon. Freaknik: A Discourse on a Paradise Lost debuts June 25. New episodes will be published each Tuesday.

Hyper-Thetical with Kerry Bishé is a new show that Luminary describes as a “genre-twisting, science fiction anthology podcast series” that blends both interviews with prominent scientists with narrative story-telling. It deals with such questions as what if a hostile attack took down our nation’s power grid? What if we could read minds? What if the super volcano at Yellowstone erupted? The Luminary Original is a co-production with Film Nation Entertainment, the producers of such movies as “Arrival” and “The Big Sick.”

The Life Is Good Ping Podcast is a new show launched by the Boston-based lifestyle and apparel brand Life Is Good. Company co-founders and brothers Bert and John Jacobs host the interview format podcast which has lined-up guests ranging from Ringo Starr to Katie Couric. They’ll discuss how optimism truly impacts their lives. It's our goal to help shift the cultural conversation away from the negative by sharing inspiring personal stories,” said Bert Jacobs. What’s with the podcast’s name? Each episode ends with a friendly ping pong match and a donation to the winner's charity of choice. The weekly series launches June 13.

Chosen Family has moved its arts and culture talk show-style podcast to CBC Podcasts with the start of the second season of the show. The podcast is hosted by Montreal-based comedians and queer BFFs Tranna Wintour and Thomas LeBlanc. The show features interviews with renowned or up-and-coming artists, with discussions of art, identity and sexuality. The new season begins June 19 with new shows published biweekly.

Player’s Own Voice will launch its second season June 12. The CBC Sports podcast, hosted by two-time Olympian in speed skating Anastasia Bucsis, serves up intimate conversations with leading athletes. It’s described as “a person-first, athlete-second approach to sports storytelling.” Episodes will be released weekly beginning June 12.