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New shows this week include Tenfold More Wicked, a new true podcast that blends narrative nonfiction storytelling and investigative journalism. Also new in true crime, is a new season of Hell and Gone, which looks at the mysterious disappearance of Malibu, CA woman. Other new shows include The Agitators, a new podcast that tells of the story of the friendship of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass. And The Secrets Hotline, a spinoff of the Love + Radio podcast feature. 

Here is some of what is new in podcasts this week –

Tenfold More Wicked is a new podcast from the Exactly Right podcast network. Hosted by historical true crime author Kate Winkler Dawson, the show takes listeners on a gruesome trip through history with stories of true historical crime. The first season visits New York’s Gilded Age to meet a killer whose brain sparked the beginning of neuroscience. With a blend of narrative nonfiction storytelling and investigative journalism, Tenfold More Wicked will take a deep dive into the history of victims and killers, and how they made history. Tenfold More Wicked premieres on November 23.

The Election Day Massacre is a three-part mini-series podcast from OZY Media. The show tells the story of a tragedy that unfolded in 1920 when a Black resident tried to vote in the town of Ocoee, FL. The limited-release podcast features interviews with the descendants of survivors as well as historians and experts on voter suppression. Although the story is now a century old, the producers say their podcast resonates with modern day events as efforts in 2020 have tried to suppress African American voters in Florida and across the U.S. The Election Day Massacre podcast was released on the feed of OZY’s Flashback history podcast. The mini-series marks the tenth podcast released by the burgeoning multi-channel media company.

Source Material is a new series from Vice Media. The show has no host or professional reporters but will instead rely on video caught on camera – cell phone videos, video streams, dash cams, body cameras, security cameras, CCTV. Upcoming episodes will feature recordings made during the shooting at Yaya’s BBQ in Louisville in the midst of Black Lives Matter protests this summer, at Georgia's Ware State Prison riot; from the Syrian civil war zone, and during the 2017 Las Vegas shooting that was the deadliest mass-shooting in U.S. history. the multimedia project will also include a short video companion to the podcast that is posted on Vice Media’s YouTube channel.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Vault is new podcast from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The iHeartPodcast Network to launch a podcast that will showcase the best acceptance speeches from earlier ceremonies. The first season will launch with The Beatles inducted by Mick Jagger, N.W.A inducted by Kendrick Lamar, The Eagles inducted by Jimmy Buffet, and Stevie Nicks inducted by Harry Styles. New episodes will premiere every Friday through the end of the year. A second season will premiere in early 2021.

The Secrets Hotline is a new Luminary Original that spinoff of the Love + Radio podcast feature. Hosted by Nick van der Kolk, who also hosts Love + Radio, the new show dives into the disconnect between who someone is and who they purport to be. Featuring six, approximately 40-minute episodes, The Secrets Hotline is open for individuals to relieve their burdens, share entertaining mishaps, and express their innermost secrets while offering a candid, non-judgmental space and a communal experience for sharing. Listen as anonymous callers from across the globe share what is hidden in their lives. In addition to call-in guests, each episode of The Secrets Hotline will feature provocative conversations with experts, media personalities, and thought leaders.

The Agitators is a new podcast from PRX. Hosted by Ashley C. Ford, the six-part podcast is based on the play The Agitators. It tells of the story of the friendship of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass. The young abolitionists met in Rochester, NY in the 1840s and grew to become the cultural icons as their movements collided and their friendship was tested. The Agitators play was written by Mat Smart who used historical documents to imagine Susan and Frederick’s conversations. 

Finger Painting the Future is a new podcast hosted by teacher Joe Fatheree and childcare advocate Florence Ann Romano. Recognizing the stress and overwhelm so many parents are feeling today as they have added educator to their daily lives, Romano and Fatheree are combining their expertise to dive into the hottest topics related to childcare and education that are keeping parents up at night. Their weekly podcast will feature guests running the gamut from top parenting experts, psychologists, and educators to celebrities and regular moms and dads.

Sidekick Stories is a new podcast from the mental wellbeing brand Sidekick. The podcast is the creation of company creators James Shrager and Matt Halstead, and their podcast producer Michael Hurcum. The creators say the show is a conversation about mental health and wellbeing and will discuss a broad range of topics including depression, anxiety, self-harm, psychosis, identity, postnatal depression, grief, and divorce. 

Hell and Gone, the true crime series from the iHeartPodcast Network and School and Humans, is releasing its third season. The show is a joint investigative podcast hosted by writer and private investigator, Catherine Townsend. In the third season she uncovers the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of Mitrice Ricardson in Malibu, CA on September 16, 2009. After behaving erratically at a seaside restaurant, Ricardson was taken into police custody and later released in the middle of the night without her phone, wallet or access to her car—the last time she was ever seen alive. 

Ooh You're in Trouble is a new podcast from PRX’s Trax, its educational podcast network for tweens. The podcast is said to be for tweens about the moments of defiance that define us. Each episode features true stories of young people confessing a moment they broke the rules growing up.

…Burn The Curtain is a new podcast hosted by actor Christy Carlson Roman and her husband Brenan Rooney. The interview series will feature the couple having conversations with celebrities. Roman is best known from her work as the voice behind the “Kim Possible” character on Disney Channel. Deadline says the podcast is executive produced by Emi Norris and produced by Brandon Fibbs for Paradiso.

Beyond the Beauty, the podcast from beauty icon Bobbi Brown, is launching a second season. On the iHeartPodcast Network podcast, Brown has conversations with both the household names and champions newcomers to beauty industry. Kris Jenner and Venus Williams are among the guests lined up. Brown said the latest season of her podcast more focused on beauty that her previous seasons that took on a health and wellness direction. It is timed to coincide with the launch of new makeup company Jones Road Beauty, her return to the makeup industry.

Things That Go Boom, the podcast from PRX, is releasing a fourth season. Hosted by Laicie Heeley. Things That Go Boom takes an unconventional look at critical global and national security issues. The upcoming season will talk about issues including the upcoming inauguration, a coronavirus vaccine, the climate crisis, the new space force, and North Korea, among other topics.

...Teach Me Something New is launching a new season. The iHeartPodcast Network show is hosted by Brit Morin, the founder and CEO of Brit + Co. The show features Morin as she asks the world’s best experts to help teach listeners – in less than an hour – about everything they need to know to boost your creativity, relationships, mental and physical wellness, and career.