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There are new seasons for podcasts including Adult ISH, Laughter Permitted, Future Hindsight, and Karamo, plus new shows on technology, business and the environment. Here’s some of what’s new in podcasting this week:

Adult ISH, the podcast geared toward millennials, returns for a third season. The podcast features co-hosts Nyge Turner and Merk Nguyena and a weekly mix of candid conversations on taboo subjects, unfiltered advice, and lively storytelling. Season three will also feature special guest appearances by almost-adults and O.G. adults alike, including actors and entertainers, activists, writers, musicians and influencers.

“I think no matter what age you are, becoming an adult always feels like an ongoing process packed with all kinds of technicolor emotions and thoughts,” said Nguyena. “So this season, we’re showing you sides of ourselves you might not be used to hearing.” New episodes of the podcast will be available every Thursday through June 18.

Adult ISH was created in 2018 by YR Media (formerly Youth Radio), after Turner and Nguyena won a national talent search for new podcast hosts.

Laughter Permitted with Julie Foudy has begun rolling out its third season. Foudy is a former captain of the U.S. women’s soccer team and the espnW podcast celebrates trailblazing women in sports about the joy and chaos found in life and sports. The third season’s guests include Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris, Olympic track & field legend Jackie Joyner-Kersee, six-time Olympic swimming gold medalist Amy Van Dyken, 2018 Olympic cross-country skiing gold medalists Jessie Diggins & Kikkan Randall, and World Cup champion Jessica McDonald. New episodes are published on Wednesdays.

Future Hindsight is a weekly podcast that has launched its tenth season, with a focus on how information is used and misused in the political and public spheres. Through interviews with experts and activists, host Mila Atmos will help listeners engage in meaningful and successful communication, protect themselves against disinformation, and better understand the unseen ways information and data impact their lives.

“We’re living in an unprecedented time, and it’s easy to get confused with the stream of information bombarding us on a daily basis,” said Atmos. “If we are to be good, engaged citizens, we need tools to help us communicate effectively, filter falsehoods, and protect ourselves from privacy overreach online.” Episodes of Future Hindsight are released every Saturday.

Karamo is releasing its second season on Luminary. The show features Karamo Brown, best known for his role on Netflix’s “Queer Eye” program. The interview show will feature conversations with Jay Shetty, Soledad O’Brien, Laith Ashley, Russell Brand and Karamo’s “Queer Eye” castmates, among others. “I’m excited for people to hear the revealing stories that my celebrity guests share because people will be surprised and inspired,” said Brown.

The Idealcast is a new podcast that features renowned technology experts and business leaders as they discuss the important ideas that are changing how organizations compete and win in an evolving business world. Produced by IT Revolution, the 90-minute episodes are hosted by company founder and best-selling author Gene Kim.

“I am on a quest to understand the relationship between leadership, how organizations work, and how they can either create amazing outcomes for the customers they serve… or fail those customers entirely,” said Kim. “On The Idealcast, I interview people that I admire and have learned the most from, on topics I’m most passionate about. Listeners can learn with me as I ask some of the best experts in our community things I’ve wondered about for years.”

The Biofriendly Podcast is new branded podcast from the environmental solutions company Biofriendly. The Biofriendly Podcast is dedicated to educating people about ways they can make the environment cleaner without the doom and gloom reporting that typically dominates the category. It’s co-hosted by Biofriendly CEO Noel Carroll and Director of Promotion and Marketing Jacob Givens. Givens has a background in comedy, which the company says makes for a fun discussion on all things green. The Biofriendly Podcast will release new episodes every Thursday.

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